What Is Branding


A brand can be a name, symbol, design, or even a phrase. 

The business of branding is a full set of practices which work together to imprint on consumers resulting in immediate recognition, brand loyalty, retention, and a referral voice resulting in increased sales and long term revenue. 

Nearly every element of starting a business leading to success aligns with establishing the brand, including the name, logo, design, advertising, customer service, promotional merchandise, and reputation. 

An established Brand separates itself from competitors; also, the customer knows what to expect from a growing or established Band fostering connectivity, which defies a consumer-driven only by cost. 

Authenticity for who you are as a Brand infuses credibility of services and products both critical elements in setting  S.M.A.R.T. Goals leading to success. 

Why Build A Brand

Branding is critical, especially in the digital world. Companies or individuals who only focus on marketing and fail to incorporate a strategic brand building plan will be a casualty in the marketplace.  


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When Opportunity Knocks

Three years ago, I recieved a call from a guy with an Australian accent asking if I am the Sharen Sierra who works in Branding and writes a popular blog titled Scared Single?

Brand Expert

He explained he is Co-Founder and Partner of 

WePlay Media a leading global developer and publisher of free-to-play and pay games for licensed sports and entertainment companies on iTunes and Google Play Store.  

Open Doors

I took over as Executive Producer of a six month stalled project licensed by EndemolShine North American for the daytime talk show Steve Harvey. Within thirty days of Brand assessment, massive redesign of all artwork, graphics, content, writings, and functionality of the mobile game, the project is Green-Light.


Do you want to achieve success in the overcrowded world of social media? Brand reputation is a key indgredient. 

How to Build a Brand? How to Build A Brand?  Use data to determine your market. Engage your audience, maintain an authentic voice, listen to your consumer, focus your energy on building a customer-centric business. 

Recognize employee engagement and Brand Reputation intertwined. Stay relevant and take care of the planet.