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Success is A Choice

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Answer these questions?

1. How do you define success?

2. Do you know your gift/talent?

3. Do you know the difference between 

    gift and passion? 

4. Are you ready to do the work? 

Believe In The Process

Data - Driven Results 


Sharen Sierra Life and Business Success Strategist helping you live your best life now find love

Sharen Sierra founded her first business, S & A Enterprises a sports public relations and events company in her late teens. Now with more than twenty years working in the space of Personal and Business Brand development. Sharen Sierra work as a Consultant has allowed her to work globally with clients across industries as a Brand Manager and Media and Communications Specialist. During this time, she met and formed a network of talented Consultants diversely trained with stellar reputations and who are equally committed to a client-centric business model. 

Transitioning away from sports but maintaining the core principles of, business processes and providing solutions for both simple and complex situations S & A Enterprises was rebranded to S & A Global Enterprises to encompass the voice of social consciousness, client base, and the team of S & A Global Enterprises Consultants who are changemakers.

Next step is to elevate to a Social B Corporation.

Sharen SIerra

Why Me

'My life is a testimony and proof creative intelligence is a commodity best shared.'  

Sharen Sierra

Knowledge Is Power

Recruited as Executive and Content Producer for licensed and trademark 'Ask Steve' Harvey, Digital Media.

In my role as Executive Producer for nearly three years I wrote and answered questions on trending topics from fans around the world with a focus on the issues Steve Harvey has built his life and brand.  

Steve Harvey managed to inspire his audience and fans around the globe with the message 'How to Be Successful in Life' regardless of the mistakes and missteps of your past. 

Why Ask Sharen Sierra?

As a Brand Expert, I get it. What is it, from the vision to the concept - design - marketing - execution I strategically communicate the brand's message to the targeted demographic. 

Knowledge Is Power

Empower You

Come hang out, learn to define your Brand using  S.M.A.R.T.  Goals, achieve work-life balance, Heliotropic relationships, design your path to living your joy through self-care while fulfilling your destiny now. No webinars attend a Live Ask Sharen Sierra, 'Learn & Earn' 2019 Know Your Brand Workshop in the United States or Canada.