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Prive Platinum Social Concierge


Singles make up more than 53% of the You can't put a value on time, quality of service, nor your dreams and goals. 

Knowledge-Based premier social services for both your personal and business needs. 

In 2017, the U.S. census reported  (Observer) 110.6 million unmarried people over the age of 18—that's 45.2 percent of the American adult population—carrying out their lives to a new set of societal norms. 

Define and elevate your social, business, and travel choices. 

 Do you seek to elevate your dating choices, travel, dining, business, and networking circle? Begin here #asksharensierra.

Global Partnership

 Founder of Prive Platinum Concierge  & Travel Services Sharen Sierra to live in four countries travel to six continents. During her career, she partners with major sports teams, Gaming and Entertainment companies such as NBC, Endemol Productions, and  Steve Harvey Show.  

Working in Public Relations, Media and Brand Marketing sitting at the table with Bob Parsons founder of GoDaddy is how she cut her teeth on social and digital. 

Learning the essence of data and the importance of business analysis from Gideon Gartner founder.  Gartner Inc is the leader of business insights, advice, and tools needed to achieve mission-critical priorities for organizations building for tomorrow.  


We live in a world where technology drives the process of connectivity across industries. Technology is accessibility. Prive Platinum Concierge Services is irreplaceable five-star experiences coupled with time management.



Wheels up and Ferrari Shipped


Happy 90th Birthday Ferrari

Do you desire a vacation or a holiday?  A vacation is an exhausting undertaking, whereas a holiday is a celebration of life and rewards well earned. Leisure travel is a lifestyle, not a choice. 

Ready to travel to Lake Como for the 3 Day' Milan & Lake Como' Tour.

 When you choose Prive Platinum Concierge, you will never ask, "Are we there yet?"  Your experience is personally tailored to your wants, needs, and desires.You set the time date and destination.

 Each of Prive Platinum Concierge has more than ten years working for five star established businesses. Is it worth the cost? You decide, try it once you like it. A Prive Platinum Concierge customer experience team member is happy to assist you with your personal or business travel needs. Call 212.381.1777.

Book your last minute  spring travel with Prive Platinum Concierge visit DC Cherry Blossoms Peak


Not a problem our founder has traveled to six continents and over thirty countries. We also partner with travel experts from around the globe. 

Regardless of your travel needs, we offer quality and premium service.

  • Thrill-Seeker
  • Leisure Luxury Lover
  •  Art Aficionado 
  • Nature and Conservationist
  • Budget Best for Your Buck

Whatever your need we got you.

Book your wine tour with Prive Platinum Concierge solo travel or lifestyle travel parties crusies

Single Solo Travel - Last Minute Bookings


Want to travel solo or join a single's tour based on location, activities, pricing, or lifestyle choice we are happy to assist an individual or a thousand. You need a roommate or want to remain solo? 

You define your needs; we design your experience.

Desire to connect with a group or individual before and or during your trip. We assist through a series of personal workshops explaining the  Dos and Don'ts of Digital Dating. 

Need to getaway now! Last-minute booking no a problem we got you. Already missing summer, a tropical destination in your future no problem. Dreading a long cold, wet winter we can find you the perfect place to stave off the winter doldrums. Is wine tasting your thing no better time to indulge in an urban wine tasting or a rural winery tour